September 08, 2018

Galileo Presents HackTheU

Greetings & welcome

About HackTheU

HackTheU is Utah’s largest hackathon and was held for the first time on November 11th-12th of 2016.

HackTheU is what’s called an “invention marathon,” a place where you can learn, build, and share your creations with others. Get together your friends or meet new people at the hackathon and create a team of up to 4 members. Then get working on an awesome project for the next 24 hours.

At the end, we’d love for you to share and present your creation to all of us. We’ll have judges look over the project and give out awards and prizes for various categories. You don’t need to be super comfortable with programming, all you need is a drive for technology. You’ll have plenty of support from our sponsors and fellow attendees to help get your creation off the ground.

Code of Conduct

Check it out here!

HackTheU Themes

Financial Technology

Create new innovations in the field of Financial Technology.

Some examples may include:


  1. Utilize blockchain technology
  2. New tools and apps to promote financial security for consumers
  3. Innovative ways to send money, such as a system like Venmo
  4. Easier to use budgeting software for the modern age
  5. Integrate existing APIs - such as Galileo Processing's, Facebook Payments, or Venmo - into your project


Contribute to your community.

Some examples may include:



  1. Apps for your local animal shelter, school, or neighborhood
  2. Apps to help individuals with disabilities - such as dietary restrictions, hard of hearing, or mental disabilities - in your local community
  3. Contribute to an open source project
  4. New systems to help run organizations around your university
  5. An app for an existing social media site


At the heart of Silicon Slopes with best-in-nation resources like the Lassonde Institute, get your start-up off the ground.

Some examples include:

  1. Revolutionize an existing payment model, such as a subscription based movie pass
  2. A non profit to fill a need in your local community
  3. An organization that seeks to address some of the world's problems stemming from the proliferation of the Internet

Day 01 full schedule

September 08, 2018


Check-In / Mingle / Light Lunch

Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speaker : Clay Wilkes - CEO and Founder of Galileo Processing

My Tech Journey - Creating Success from Failure

Location: Goldman Sachs Workshop Room

Trina Limpert - eBay

Predict Crypto-Currency Prices

Location: OC Tanner Workshop Room

Tyler Folkman - Ancestry

Blockchain Workshop (Ballroom)

Location: Goldman Sachs Workshop Room

Jordan Hensley - Galileo


Location: OC Tanner Workshop Room

Goldman Sachs

Dinner / Slideshow Karaoke


Location: Goldman Sachs Workshop Room

OC Tanner

Internship Panel - Midnight Pizza/Snack

Location: Goldman Sachs Workshop Room

Karen (MS), Jack (MS), Emerson(FB), Cole (L3), Mia (Instrucuture)

Day 02 full schedule

September 09, 2018





Closing Ceremony

Do you want to Sponsor our Hackathon?

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Our Awesome Sponsors for 2018

Thank you for helping us provide innovation and opportunity to students everywhere.

A. Ray Olpin University Union

We know that you might have queries!

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Can I Attend?

As long as you are a student at any college in the world and are 18 or older, you are invited to apply to HackTheU!

Q. What to do in Hacktheu?

Essentially hackers will follow these steps:
1. Register for a hackathon
2. Join or form a team
a. Form a team: Think of a project idea to work on (maybe something you’ve kept on the back burner? or some new technology you want to learn? it can be an app, a start-up idea, a website, a new command line tool, a new service, new container, etc) and post your idea to the world asking for people to come work on it with you.
b. Join a team: Either before or during the event, connect with other attendees and find a project idea you want to work on.
3. Work on the project for 24 hours with tons of food, coffee, swag, mentors, tech, and sponsors to support you through the night.
4. At the end, submit the project for judging. If we like your project enough, you can win prizes for it.

Q. Will There Be Food?

Absolutely! Your meals for the weekend will be free and there’ll be plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you energized. If you’ve got specific dietary requirements, you should let us know and we’ll be more than happy to make arrangements.

Q. What If I Don’t Know How To Code?

Not a problem! The entire Major League Hacking team knew very little when they each attended their very first hackathon. It’s entirely irrelevant what your experience is going into a hackathon, it’s more about your interest in technology. Every MLH Member Event is passionate about making their hackathons very welcoming and beginner-friendly. If you’re wanting to learn how to code outside of a hackathon, there’s a fantastic blog post that you should read. After, you should check out the following: Treehouse, Codecademy and the Major League Hacking blog to get started.

Q. I Just Graduated, Can I Still Come To An Event?

Yes. Anyone who has graduated within the last 12 months is still eligible to attend an MLH Member Event hackathon. After that, there’s plenty of non-student hackathons that exist for you to consider attending.

Q. How Do I Get There?

If you live in the Salt Lake area, you can travel using the UTA Red Line. You can also take the buses that come to University of Utah. If you from out-of-state, you are responsible for arranging your travel accommodations.

Q. What About Travel Reimbursements?

We will reimburse carpooling.

For carpooling you can go to our facebook or discord page and tag your post with the state and/or university you are coming from! Like so: #utah #universityofutah

We will be reimbursing up to $0.25 per mile driven to get to the hackathon and back, so long as you have at least 3 hackathon attendees in your car (driver included). Original receipts must be kept and submitted.

Q. How Do Teams Work?

Each team consists of a maximum of 4 members. You can create a team and designate teammates during registration, or you can register as an individual. Admission decisions will be all-or-none, so either all of your teammates will receive admission if selected or none of your teammates will receive admission. You can even form a team during early hours of the Hackathon.

Q. What hardware are available to borrow?

  • FitBit
  • Arduino 10
  • Amazon Echo
  • Base Shield
  • Leap Motion
  • Myo Armband
  • Google Home
  • Oculus Rifts
  • Muse Headband
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Amazon Fire Phone
  • DragonBoard 410c
  • Alienware Laptop
  • Grove Starter Kit
  • Intel Starter Kit
  • Dell XPS 13 Laptop
  • LinkSprite 7" Touchscreen Monitor and keyboard

Q. Where Will I Sleep?

While it may be tempting to hack all night, we will also have dedicated on-site sleep spaces for those of you trying to get some shut-eye.


Question not in FAQs? Feel free to ask us anything.

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